Painting and Vinyl Services

Painting and Vinyl Services

We specialize in all types and sizes of paint and vinyl installation jobs. Call us today (800-762-3686) to schedule your truck or trailer for one of these services. Or if you have not decided which solution is right for you, consider the following information and comparisons. 

Vinyl Wrapping and Decal Installation

No job is too large or too small for our vinyl installers. Whether you need a quick decal installation or a full or partial vinyl wrap, we have the techs with the skill to complete the job. With dedicated vinyl installation staff, every job is handled by professionally trained technicians. 

Why are so many customers now choosing vinyl wraps over paint?

Full or partial vinyl wraps have become a low-cost alternative to paint. Not just due to the lower cost of material and labor but also becuase installation is so fast that there is less downtime while the unit is being wrapped than if painted. While older units with rust and corrosion require some additional prep time and paint, most equipment can be wrapped or decaled with very little preparation needed.

Another huge advantage of a vinyl wrap is the range of graphics and color options. Vehicle wraps can be designed with full-color high-quality photographs and graphic designs that will demand the attention of your potential customers when they see your vehicle on the road. Wraps completely open the doors to however creative you want to be in promoting your brand and services. Compared to the cost of a custom paint job, which would require one layer of paint sprayed after the next and not to mention the premium cost of certain paint colors, one wrap applies it all in a single installation. Or when simplicity and class is what you are after, vinyl wraps offer several finish options that can set your vehicle apart, such as matte, gloss, satin, or brushed metal. 

Click here or on the image below to see a gallery of some recent vinyl wrap and decal projects.

Full Service Paint Shop 

In the ATC Paint shop, we have skilled, ASE certified technicians with many years of experience in body and paint restoration as well as painting new equipment. We are one of the nation's premiere refurbishing facilities, with proven expertise in revitalizing road worn equipment, making trailers, straight trucks and tractors look brand new again and adding years to their lifespan. Though we also tackle small jobs such as minor wreck repairs and custom finishing. 

Why do customers choose paint over vinyl?

While paint is generally not as cost effective as a wrap, the longevity of a paint coating can outlast a vinyl wrap. The paint we use most often in the ATC paint shop has a lifetime warranty, and while the metals on your truck or trailer may rust over time where paint is scraped off, a properly coated and maintained vehicle can last well past the lifetime of a wrap. 

Another thing to consider is the cost in repainting your equipment versus removing the wrap and rewrapping if options are limited in your area. Today, paint shops are much more common than vinyl wrap operations. While that may change in time, if there is a possibility that you will sell your equipment in the near future to a buyer who will need to rebrand or repaint the equipment, the availability of a shop in the local area may affect the sales price or ease of selling the truck or trailer. Though also keep in mind that the ATC shop rewraps, repaints, and refurbishes equipment for customers from all across the U.S.

Otherwise some customers simply prefer the look of painted equipment. While the gap is narrowed in pretty tightly on the difference between a wrap and paint, now that so many finishes are available in vinyl, there is still an unmistakable wow factor of a fresh, new paint job. Not to mention some touch up on a trailer, for instance, is very quick and easy for most owners to take care of themselves with paint. 

Click here or on the image below to see a gallery of recent paint projects. 
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