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There is a Maxon liftgate for every job. Find the perfect option for your specific needs by downloading the product brochures below. Or if you need assitance, please contact us at 800-762-3686 ext: #2336.

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Slidelift® Series

Maxon’s slider-type gates stow horizontally underneath the truck or trailer. They don’t need extension plates and therefore can accommodate roll-up as well as swing doors. Maxon offers slide-type products with level ride (GPSLR) as well as level-ramping ride (GPS). The GPST is explicityly designed for trucks and excels in performance and compact dimensions.

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Maxon’s BMR Columnlift™ is the culmination of all the best technology, features, and options of any liftgate on the market, offering superior performance—by any measure.

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Gas Bottle

Non-conventional loading practices require unique liftgate solutions. Maxon's BMR-CS provides extreme performance for gas bottle delivery with capacity up to 4,400 lbs and an integrated cylinder securing system.

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TUK-A-WAY® Series

Maxon offers a wide range of fold and stow (under the truck body) steel and aluminum platforms of different sizes along with various bed height options in the Tuk-A-Way series.

The new 3,300 lb, medium-duty TE-33 Tuk-A-Way® liftgate model delivers premium features in a standard Tuk. The GPT series gates provide the exceptional capacity and durability you need for the most demanding applications. Up to 5,000 lbs lift and a large, 60 x 80" platform make short work of the largest loads.

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